Maintenance Issues

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uKKbDAOTYxVbLjumVu NY 10/1/2013
zYfLZjmblrFnwKJp NY 9/17/2013
Bathroom Door P.Keeney 8/29/2013
Need extra keys for room 208,210, Aaron Lewis 8/29/2013
wall media organizer for office Aaron Lewiss 8/29/2013
FHS - Air is not kicking on in the office until 8:15 - very warm and muggy to start the mornings Chad Belville 8/29/2013
FHS - Lights are not working on the school speed limit signs on 243 Chad Belville 8/29/2013
FHS - Old leak is back - By the back door (student entrance) Chad Belville 8/29/2013
FHS - Light at the flag pole is out Chad Belville 8/29/2013
FHS - 2 new leaks last night - one by front doors and one in kitchen Chad Belville 8/29/2013
FW - toilet Teresa Johnson 8/28/2013
FHS - Need a key cut (Tag 21 - Key AA21) Chad Belville 8/28/2013
FHS - Oven door is sticking in the kitchen Chad Belville 8/28/2013
FHS - Air has not come on in the art room for 2 days - room is in the 80's - multiple reports of issues in the art room with air Chad Belville 8/28/2013
FHS - Major water leak under a sink in the art room - Needs addressed ASAP Chad Belville 8/28/2013
FHS - Doors on girls and boys PE locker rooms need adjusted - they keep slamming Chad Belville 8/26/2013
emergency lights -FW Teresa Johnson 8/26/2013
lights -FW Teresa Johnson 8/26/2013
FHS - Light is out in stairwell by teacher's entrance and light covers need cleaned Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Room 203 - Lock broken on long cabinet Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Room 203 - Teacher is complaining about the door slamming Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Screen in window of room 203 needs repaired Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Window frame in the door in rooms 203 and 211 are coming apart Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Commodes in boys PE locker room will not flush - have been plunged Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Girls restroom by the gym has toilet seats in need of repair Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Leak in the library above computers Chad Belville 8/23/2013
FHS - Lock on custodian door is not working properly Chad Belville 8/23/2013
Softball Field - Water shut off valve behind backstop needs replaced so it will lock Chad Belville 8/22/2013
Ballast out P.Keeney 8/22/2013

Last changed: October 01, 2013